Fondation de L'Hopital Régionale d'Edmundston
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Faire un don


Donations options


One-time donation: This type of donation is often made by people who are pleased with the care provided by the Edmundston Regional Hospital. Anyone is free to make a donation at any time. We invite you to make a donation today.

Monthly donation: This type of donation provides ongoing support for the quality of care and the purchase of specialized equipment. Your donation can be made through monthly debits from a bank account or credit card.

Corporate donation: Your company can support the Foundation's projects in various ways, such as:

  • Making a donation;
  • Offering the profits from a corporate or social event;
  • Agreeing to place a coin bank in your company's reception area.

Memorial donations: In Memoriam donations serve to honour the memory of a deceased loved one. After a loved one's passing, your family may invite people to make a donation to the Foundation in the deceased person's name. Upon request, the Foundation will supply the funeral home with donation forms.

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Donation in honour of: This type of donation allows you to pay tribute to someone in particular.

Planned donation: A planned donation is a commitment that helps ensure the long-term sustainability of the services delivered by the Edmundston Regional Hospital. It allows long-term planning of the Foundation's objectives to meet the current and future needs of the hospital and its patients. A planned donation is a means of integrating charitable donations into your financial or estate planning and achieving a philanthropic objective while also taking advantage of tax benefits.

Some types of planned donations include the following:

  • Testamentary donation
  • Life insurance donation
  • Donation of securities
  • Endowment fund


Testamentary donation : By bequeathing a specific amount, such as a percentage or the remainder of your estate or a specific asset, you take an important step that will benefit the Foundation over both the short and long term.

A planned donation provides tax benefits to your estate by reducing the income tax due after your passing.

Your legal advisor will be able to guide you, based on your financial situation, so that your will accurately reflects your wishes.

Life insurance donation: This type of donation allows you to make a significant donation at a very reasonable cost and to benefit from tax savings.

There are several ways of making a life insurance donation, namely by:

  • Assigning a life insurance policy that you currently hold. A tax receipt is issued to you for the cash surrender value. Later, you receive an annual tax receipt for amount of the premiums paid during the year;
  • Purchasing a new life insurance policy. You receive an annual tax receipt for the amount of the premiums paid during the year;
  • Designating the Edmundston Regional Hospital Foundation as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy. When the Foundation receives the insured capital, a tax receipt is issued to your estate.

Donation of securities : You have the option of donating stocks, bonds or other securities. This type of donation provides major tax benefits. It should be noted that, from a tax perspective, it is much more advantageous to give stocks to the Foundation directly rather than to sell them on the stock market and give the proceeds of the sale to the Foundation.

How is this accomplished? You must advise us personally or through your broker. Once the transfer is carried out, you receive a tax receipt based on the value of the securities at the time of donation.

Endowment fund: If you are interested in making a planned donation, please contact the Executive Director of the Foundation at 506-739-4222. We also invite you to consult a financial or legal advisor to analyze your financial situation.


Contact us by phone at: 506 739-4222

Our address :

Edmundston Regional Hospital Foundation
275 Hébert Boulevard
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