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Types of donations

One-time donation

If you have any questions relating to the different types of donations, please contact us.

This type of donation is often made by people who are pleased with the care provided by the Edmundston Regional Hospital. Anyone is free to make a one-time donation at any time.

In Memoriam donation

In Memoriam donations serve to honour the memory of a deceased loved one. After a loved one's passing, your family may invite people to donate to the Foundation in the deceased person's name. Upon request, the Foundation will supply the funeral home with donation forms.

Monthly donation


Provides ongoing support for the quality of care and the purchase of specialized equipment. Your donation can be made through automatic deductions from a bank account or credit card.

Planned donation -

In the interest of the community

Planned giving is an excellent way to ensure that quality care and services are provided in an act of solidarity. Through planned giving, the ERH Foundation can count on long-term resources to help ensure its continuity and support the Edmundston Regional Hospital in order to optimize the collective well-being of patients.

Donations made to the Foundation allow you to get tax credits to reduce the amount due during your lifetime or for your estate.



Here are different planned giving options:

1) Bequest

Testamentary donations are simple: the donor simply includes a testamentary provision in their will with the help of a professional. Click here for more information >

2) Life insurance donation

Donating a life insurance policy allows you to make a significant donation while paying only a fraction of the amount donated. It allows the donor to benefit from significant tax savings on each premium paid or, if the donor remains the owner of their contract upon their death, the capital is paid to the Foundation and a tax receipt for donation is issued to the estate.

3) Donation of securities

It is much more advantageous to donate stocks, bonds or mutual funds to a Foundation rather than to sell them. This type of donation is very advantageous for those who have held securities for a long time with significant capital gains.

4) Registered plan donation (RRSP/RRIF)

The donation of registered plans is a strategy that allows you to give either part or all of your retirement savings to the Foundation.

5) Endowment Fund

An endowment fund (capitalized fund) gives you the opportunity to honour a loved one or someone who has done memorable things in the community, or even create a fund that will bear your name.

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