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Employee Lottery

Lottery reserved for employees of the Edmundston Regional Hospital. More than 500 employees participate in this lottery which gives them access to 32 draws per year, with a total value of $32,000 in cash.

Application form

I authorize the Edmundston Regional Hospital to deduct the amount of $5 from each of my paycheques and to remit this amount to the ERH Foundation as part of the fundraising activity "Edmundston Regional Hospital Employees Lottery".


I acknowledge that a minimum of 400 employees is required for the lottery. I also acknowledge that I may stop participating in the lottery by giving 30 days written notice to the ERH Foundation. The details and lottery withdrawal form are available at the ERH Foundation office.


If I win a lottery prize, I consent to my photo being taken and published in the Foundation's information and promotional documents.

Thank you for submitting!

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