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Your donations in action!

Since 1994, we have worked together to carry out
275 projects totaling $4.2 million!
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Your donation has an everyday impact on our community. Improved services often result in the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment that makes a significant difference in diagnosing, treating, operating on and rehabilitating a patient. The result is access to a highly skilled hospital, reducing wait times, avoiding out-of-region travel and ensuring the well-being of patients.

Funding Sectors

  • pediatric & mother-child clinic

  • geriatric (intensive care & palliative care)

  • medical & surgical care

  • comfort & safety

  • community care & wellness

Your donations

in action!

Thanks to your donations in 2018, here are a few of the projects funded for our regional hospital:

Design of waiting room and rest area 

$8,781 (Intensive Care)


Safety lever for bariatric room

$14,389 (Intensive Care)


Pediatric stretcher

$7,664 (Pediatrics)


Seniors’ room – Outside sun shelter

$6,800 (Extended Care)


Ergonomic safety lever

$7,735 (Surgery)


ACTIVAC Therapy Unit

$17,500 (Surgery)

Portable ultrasound bladder scanner, suction device, bath lift

$15,640 (Extra-Mural Program)


Two breast pumps

$5,900 (Mother-Child Clinic)


Craft, sewing and knitting project

$1,970 (Volunteers)


Bladder Scan

$11,000 (Pediatrics)


Endovaginal probe

$11,000 (Mother-Child Clinic)

Portable ultrasound and probe
$65,000 (Pain Clinic)

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